5 Ways Huddle House Breakfast Franchises Become Small-Town Hubs

How Huddle House breakfast franchises make small towns a better place to live.

Our breakfast franchise was born in Decatur, Ga., in 1964. Founder John Sparks saw a group of boys in his restaurant after football practice one evening. One of them held his football in one hand and his helmet in the other. It looked as if the group were in a huddle, talking and laughing together. It was at that moment that he decided Huddle House was the perfect name for his budding restaurant chain. It became the community go-to place where folks would gather, or huddle up, for great food and good times after Friday night football games, for Sunday brunch after church, or anytime.

A lot has changed over the last half-century, including the look of our restaurants. Our new Evolution model is giving many small communities something they have never had — a central place to meet and share life over meals, any meal, any time. The Evolution restaurant design is bright, colorful and reminiscent of America’s classic neighborhood diners. The restaurants have iconic open kitchens, which lets guests watch their meals being prepared to order, and they feature flexible seating. The mix of booths and tables lets our guests string together seating for big groups.

A Huddle House restaurant will work in most any size market. But where we most thrive is in those small towns with fewer than 5,000 people, places that are typically overlooked by other full-service restaurants. We have a long history of providing underserved communities with a much-needed hub — a place to huddle up, catch up with old friends or gather to celebrate after the big game. Here are five ways Huddle House improves the quality of life in small markets:

  1. Provides a gathering place. The Internet has made it too easy for people to isolate themselves, which may be one reason why coffee house culture is so prevalent. Huddle House provides free WiFi, making it convenient for business people to hold a lunch meeting or for college students to power through their homework over waffles at 2 in the morning.
  2. Sponsors youth athletics. Nothing says you care like backing the high school football team or the local Little League. Parents and team boosters love the sponsorship, and seeing cute little kids running around in Huddle House sports shirts or having a banner in the end zone builds goodwill and brings folks into the restaurant.
  3. Introduces neighbors. Every customer who walks into a Huddle House can count on a warm greeting and a never-empty coffee cup. Some of our most loyal customers visit us not just once a day, but sometimes multiple times a day. Our cooks, servers and managers get to know folks by name, and there’s no substitute for these genuine relationships. Our newest Evolution restaurant design features our iconic open kitchens, which lets guests watch their food being prepared to order while they get to know the staff a little better. Customers find that far more satisfying than interacting with a faceless voice in a fast-food drive-through.
  4. Creates jobs. One of the few downsides to small-town living? Jobs just aren’t as plentiful. One of the many upsides to Huddle House franchise ownership? You can bring about 50 jobs to your community, which can do wonders for the local economy. Talk about feeling like a hero.
  5. Any meal. Any time. One of the best things about Huddle House is that it’s always open. Customers love that they can grab a club sandwich at 3 a.m., meet old friends for coffee at 7 in the morning, take the family for Friday night supper or celebrate the soccer victory with milkshakes on a Saturday afternoon.

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Huddle House is proud to be one of the few food franchises that cares about small towns, serving quality food at a great value, and our franchisees love being able to give back to their communities. If you’d like to learn more about Huddle House opportunities in your hometown, fill out the form to download our free franchising report or give us a call at (770) 626-7286.