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What is Huddle House?

An iconic breakfast franchise with Southern hospitality and big portions at a fair price

Americans have a unique love affair with breakfast. We love traditional breakfast foods like cooked-to-order eggs, crispy bacon, buttery waffles, grits, juicy steaks and biscuits with sausage gravy. Breakfast is a unique meal segment; you might not order the same sandwich for lunch five days in a row, but you’ll order the same breakfast every day without thinking about it. When it comes to breakfast, we are creatures of habit.

Huddle House understands America’s love for hearty, homestyle breakfasts served in a friendly environment. Our company motto is  “Any Meal. Any Time.” and we’ve been serving up breakfast favorites 24 hours a day since 1964. According to internal Huddle House data, we prepare some 35 million eggs and 38 million pieces of bacon each year — enough eggs to stretch more than 1,100 miles and enough bacon to stretch from New York to Los Angeles. The Huddle House menu includes a variety of popular lunch and dinner items such as BLTs, burgers, fries and shakes; regional favorites like country-fried steak; and American classics like ribeye steak and potatoes.

Consider breakfast franchise opportunities with Huddle House

And whether our customers want a cheeseburger and onion rings at midnight, a bowl of chili at 5 a.m., or a platter of steak and eggs at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Huddle House is always happy to serve them with a smile. Our tasty, affordable food has drawn people here for nearly five decades. Our friendly staff keeps them coming back.

While we’ve established our niche in small towns underserved by other franchise breakfast restaurants — meaning more profits for our franchisees, we are also sprouting up in major metropolitan areas and nearby universities. When you factor in that lower food costs for breakfast foods lead to higher profit margins for Huddle House franchise owners, it is no wonder that new Huddle House locations are opening all over the country. With more than 400 restaurants open or under development, we are aggressively expanding with plans to open an additional 100 restaurants over the next three years.

Huddle House breakfast franchise serves over 40 million eggs each year.

Small towns benefit when our breakfast franchise opens

We embrace small-town America.

Other restaurant chains bypass these smaller markets, but Huddle House has a long history of working in these underserved communities. In many towns we target, we are the only sit-down restaurant with table service. A town with fewer than 15,000 people and one main street intersection wouldn’t fit the location criteria of many other full-service restaurants, but this is one of the “sweet spots” for a Huddle House.

Breakfast franchise opportunities abound with Huddle House

Aside from a relaxed atmosphere, we offer a streamlined menu, clean environment and the most hospitable service around. Visit a typical Huddle House and you’ll hear “Hey, hon!” or “Hey, darlin’!” as our team members greet regular customers. We treat our guests as family, and we go to extra lengths to make sure they love our food and feel welcome while they eat. Southern hospitality — a sincere caring for our customers — is a core part of our culture.

Whether it is the family visiting after a late-night ball game, the social group meeting for early morning coffee and breakfast or the widowed elderly guest who eats with us seven days a week, they all tell us, “We’re so glad you’re here.”

We’re glad to be one of the few food franchises that cares about small towns, and we are happy to fill a much needed niche serving Any Meal. Any Time.

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