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The Huddle House Story

Where the huddle comes in

History of the Huddle House Diner FranchisesHuddle In. Huddle Up. Huddle Happy.

You’ll see these words repeated in the décor of our restaurants, and they hearken back to a simpler time when founder John Sparks was just forming the concept for his budding restaurant chain. At his eatery in Decatur, GA, one evening in 1964, he saw a group of boys gathering after football practice. One of them held his football in one hand and his helmet in the other. It looked as if the group were in a huddle, talking and laughing together. It was at that moment that he decided Huddle House was the perfect name for his restaurant chain. It became the community go-to place where folks would gather, or huddle up, for great food and good times after Friday night football games, for Sunday brunch after church, or anytime.

The concept is particularly meaningful when you consider our target communities. While it’s true you’ll find our restaurants most anywhere, from large urban areas to interstate travel centers, college towns and small town America, our key demographic is found everywhere where families eat together at the dinner table — places that celebrate community. People want more options for breakfast than just fast food. That’s where Huddle House fits in. We gravitate towards people and places that value the importance of the American family, because in doing so, we know we can build a strong customer base that will return time after time.

Any Meal. Any Time.

Any Meal. Any Time.

That’s another phrase you’ll see repeated throughout our restaurants. For five decades, the Huddle House brand has been devoted to providing outstanding hospitality, great service, generous portions, fair prices and quality, homestyle food cooked to order. Huddle House has stayed true to these values.

Although Sparks’ passion to serve good food in a warm, friendly environment that brings folks together remains intact, much has changed since the first Huddle House opened its doors. Our newest Evolution restaurant design features a look that’s bright, colorful and reminiscent of America’s classic neighborhood diners. A new logo adorns signs and menus. The menu now includes a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees that take their place beside the Huddle House classics like burgers, fries and shakes.

Our newest restaurants have our iconic open kitchens – our guests get to see firsthand how fresh their meals are because the cook prepares them in plain sight, but they also have much more flexible seating. We still use booths and now have a range of tables our guests can string together to seat big groups. This has helped increase our sales, as it is now possible for large families to drop by after church or for the Little League team to celebrate over milkshakes and fries after an epic win.

With the opening of 22 new franchise agreements in 2015, we are poised to continue our growth everywhere families love to eat together. With almost 400 locations around the country, our motto of “Any Meal. Any Time,” may soon need to be amended to include “Anywhere.”

Michael Abt, Huddle House Diner Franchise CEO

Michael Abt, Huddle House CEO

Under CEO Michael Abt (left) Huddle House is poised to grow well beyond our Southern roots into many more available markets across the Midwest and Northeast. We have new menus and out best ever programs to welcome new franchisees, from single-unit owners/operators in small towns to larger investors looking to open multiple 24-hour locations in larger markets, truck stops and convenience stores.

If your community needs a gathering place where friends and family come together over delicious comfort food, please fill out the form below to have one of our franchise specialists contact you to discuss your opportunity for Huddle House franchise ownership.


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