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Huddle House Franchisee Reviews

From single-unit owners to multi-unit investors, Huddle House franchisees find satisfaction

When you join the Huddle House family, you’ll go through a validation process in which you talk to other franchise owners. This is one of the best ways to find out what the experience is really like. Owners are on the front lines, and often on the cooking lines, and they can tell you first-hand what it is they love about being a part of an iconic American restaurant brand. Before you have your own conversations, here are some examples of what our franchise owners are saying:

1421881707-gregg-hansen[1]“One of my favorite things about owning a Huddle House is probably the people. We do a lot of work in the community, and we have a lot of regular customers, and we have a lot of long-term relationships with employees. Most of the time, it’s really all about relationships.” — Gregg Hansen, (above with wife Maria) owner 19 Huddle House breakfast franchise locations, Chattanooga, TN.

Hear from franchisees why Huddle House is one of the very best restaurant franchises

Franchisee John Roper, right, and his son Jeff Roper.

“We’re in a four-year college town, a little bigger than Mayberry. We’ve got Jack-in-the-Box® and McDonald’s® and KFC®, but we didn’t have anything like a Waffle House®, and I saw a lot of college kids trekking to the next city for Waffle House®, and I figured it’d be a pretty good business. I looked at Waffle House® and I looked at Huddle House, and I really liked Huddle House a lot better … The variety of food set it apart.” — John Roper, Montevallo, AL.

“The nice part about a franchise is that you are buying Happy customers at one of the best restaurant franchises!into the experience and knowhow of a system that has been successful. The training programs are designed to help you be successful even if you have no prior food experience. You must provide the desire to succeed and the ability to hire the right people and then manage them carefully.” — David Worthley, multi-unit owner, Virginia Beach, VA.

“I shopped a lot of different franchise organizations before I got into Huddle House, and it is far better than any that I looked into. And the investment is not that large in the beginning, and the franchise fees are reasonable. That matters a lot because the financial end nowadays is a big thing.” — Mike Hall, multi-unit owner, Tupelo, MS.

“You get to know all these people. It’s amazing the ones that know you who you don’t know as well. I’ve been in it long enough now that I’ve had older customers pass away… But you really get to know people when they come in two or three times a week. Sometimes even more.” — Jimmy Brown, multi-unit owner, Naylor, GA.

“I went to Huddle House in college; that was probably my first experience. I ate there a few times. It was fine; it was breakfast food. After not being a loyal Huddle House customer and then getting into it, the food quality has improved dramatically from what I remember to where I am today. The capital to enter was very minimal, and so we figured if we got the right people in place, we could do well.” — Matthew Flynn, multi-unit owner, Memphis, TN.

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