America's Iconic Breakfast Franchise


Huddle House is America’s Iconic Breakfast Franchise

For any meal, any time!

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it’s everyone’s favorite. When you package a homestyle meal that everyone loves with amazing Southern hospitality, a half-century of tradition and a lively American diner that serves any meal of the day at any time of the day, you have Huddle House — America’s iconic breakfast franchise.

At Huddle House, customers are always welcome, and they’re usually greeted by name. Decatur, GA, was just a little farm town back in 1964 when founder John Sparks first came up with the idea for Huddle House. He saw a group of boys after football practice, huddling up in his restaurant, helmets and footballs still in hand. Sparks envisioned a place where the community could gather, or huddle up, any time.

Own a breakfast franchise in a strong industry

He focused on breakfast because fewer restaurants served breakfast and almost none served it 24 hours a day, despite the fact that 93% of Americans think it’s the most important meal of the day, according to the USDA. He also knew that the key to running a profitable restaurant was to keep food costs low so you could increase profit margins — breakfast has the lowest food costs of any meal. He added full lunch and dinner menus so he could stay open 24 hours a day and literally serve “Any Meal. Any Time”.

Breakfast franchise employees: Huddle HouseFifty years later, that “Any Meal. Any Time.” philosophy still draws people to Huddle House. Today, Huddle House is a brand to watch; our new Evolution model restaurants are posting higher revenue numbers than ever before, and we are expanding into sections of the country that have never had anything like a Huddle House. If you haven’t visited a new Huddle House, you are in for a surprise.

A flexible restaurant franchise

Huddle House has three types of restaurants: stand-alone restaurants that serve the community; travel center locations along major thoroughfares; and restaurants adjacent to convenience stores.

“We’re continuing to pick up the pace of our expansion,” says Huddle House franchise CEO Michael Abt. “We significantly lowered our initial investment and are increasing our sales and top end. We’re working on improving our franchise margins, making us one of the most attractive food franchises in the market today.”

We’re actively recruiting franchisees to grow along with our iconic brand, people with and without restaurant experience. Huddle House gives franchisees the training and support they need to follow our proven formula to do well. The main ingredients you bring to the table are passion, leadership and business acumen.


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